TAKU: Where did you begin, and where have you gotten to?

KWAME: I was born in a small town in the Dormaa Municipality in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana called “Nsuhia” literally means “Don’t weep for the sake of poverty”(my grandmother told me, “the area was rich in gold, so there was no reason to worry about poverty, one must just go to the stream and take gold. While food and meet was in abundance” And truly these natural resources are still in loads in Nsuhia. I began my basic school there in Roman Catholic Primary School where my father was the head teacher in the Junior high school section. I got the chance to read in my father’s office during break times in my quest to take money from him for toffees, but only to be given books to read.
I moved to Dormaa Ahenkro with my father in 1999 when he was transferred from Nsuhia to another Junior high school in Masu closer to Dormaa Ahenkro, where I had my upper primary and junior school education in (Dormass primary and JHS (1999-2005) There I said to myself, “I would be in the regional capital –Sunyani for my Senior High School”. So I was in St. James Seminary and Senior High school. (2005 – 2008). I went on, “I would be in the national capital after here”. So I was in University of Ghana- Legon (Accra) 2009-2013. I read sociology, religions and majored in English.

TAKU: I learnt you are also called mixing gee, where from that name?

KWAME: Back in High School (2007/2008) in St. James seminary, I was elected the entertainment prefect. I was mixing songs and scratching with Traktor Dj and pc DJ…Mixing Gee was then born. However, I realised the meaning of mixing gee after college in 2013 when I began my Contemporary Gospel Podcast. Mixing Gee = Mixing Gospel.

TAKU: You are often occupied with Children. Why do you love children’s company so much?

KWAME: I had a humble and tough beginning. Those difficult moments placed
me closer to little ones more than my peers. I love to smile, most kids would make me smile, my peers would taunt me and bully me often. I wasn’t strong enough. I looked smallish and very thin before them, and they took the chance to be the bosses over me many times. So love for children grew up because I mingled with kids often, because that was where I was welcomed.
I find myself with the Sunday school kids anywhere I attend mass on Sundays.

TAKU: What is your best moment in life?
Walking down the street at dusk, and hearing the kids hala at me “sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, Mixing Gee, Mixing Gee, Uncle Kwame. In those moments I feel I got a cheering – company.

TAKU: What whet your appetite?
KWAME: When I realise my mum is preparing “Banku” (balls made of corn dough) for breakfast, lunch or supper. I can eat banku 356 days. But it should flow with Okra.

TAKU: What makes you go crazy after reminiscing?
KWAME: I am naturally left handed. But my nursery and KG teachers (Madams) restricted me to write with my left hand. For them using the left hand in writing was rude and impolite. I am able to write with it though but not competent with it as with the right hand. But I do daily chores with it. If you give me a cutlass, I would chop a wood with it.

TAKU: You write quotes and powerful adages, any favourite?
KWAME: “Dream big, think wide, do more, but don’t forget to smile”. ~ Kwame Adu

TAKU: How much do you own in your bank account?
KWAME: The minimum amount required by the banks; 5 Cedis or so. It feels weird to me to see someone thirst and starve while that money who doesn’t need food and water lie in the bank. I withdraw to run my projects and my multimedia stuffs. I am not against saving with the bank. But it shouldn’t out match the moral conscience of showing kindness to even people who pass by us.
TAKU Your voice is weekly heard on Top20ContemporaryGospelMix Show, what inspires you to go on?
KWAME: It is a blessing to be bestowed with such gift from God, and having opportunity to use such gift to serve Him and humanity. Personally I feel I am the first person to be blessed by the show. Anytime I play back the podcast, I avoid the notion that, “I am the one talking or hosting”, I relaxed and pick up inspirations from the comments which are given after every song. For me, this draws me more closer to God, leaving me with huge smiles anytime I am set to hit the studio for recording another show. The best moment always come when I play back. By this, I am ready to go on and on, so long as God breath His life within me.

TAKU How did ventured into voice overs?
KWAME: When I was young, I was talking like the Dj on my community radio; mumbling and talking alone on the street many times.
I acted strange with my mates, they said “this guy is crazy” not “serious”
I didn’t know the name of the trade I was fond with.
It didn’t stop me though
I pursued it, I grew up and realised it is called voice acting/voice-overs..
One of the reasons that made me won the position of entertainment prefect in St. James high school….. ; ….
One day I will be that voice on this national broadcast.
Don’t stop it, run the dream, lighten up the passion, we got to do something!

TAKU How did you get into radio?…. You seem to love it so much?
KWAME: Perhaps from my dad, he was a radio lover.
On the technical side, I was often caught dismantling radio gadgets trying to understand how radio works, thus unravelling my childhood myth about radio “there are people inside this box talking and singing”.
Soon I was talking like that presenter on the GBC radio1 on, we switched from am to fm with a GBC regional radio station Radio BAR 93.5fm ….there I was a fun of a multi versatile Dj “Dj Disciple”…. He had A show called “I want to be a deejay” I didn’t have a chance to be on the show though, but I was with him in my own room. Presenting and talking like him. I was imitating how he spoke. Perhaps that is what made me venture into voice-overs later on.

However, the influence of gospel radio in my radio world, started when I began listening to World Harvest Radio and TBN on AM radio device while in primary six, through to high school. (2002-2008). My favourite part was getting contacts of the preachers after sermons and then writing back to them through postal letters and eventually receiving tapes, tracts and Bibles.
In my digital world, I came upon K-love radio while in the University of Ghana, where I discovered contemporary Gospel artistes like Brandon Heath, Laura Story, Mikeschair, Andy Cherry, Kutless, Chris August, Bebo Norman, Crowder Music, Meredith Andrews, Britt Nicole, Phil Whickham, Meredith Andrews, For King And Country, Josh Wilson, Aaron Shust, Dave Barnes, Lincoln Brewster, Mandisa, Francesca Battistelli, The Museum, Switchfoot, Jamie Grace, Plumb, Tim Timmons, Jason Gray, Rhett Walker Band, Side Walk Prophets, Kari Jobe, Mathew West, TobyMac, Philips, Craig and Dean, Peter Furler and many more.

I later found UCB Media…then on one Sunday morning, I heard20TheCountdownMagazine with Jon Rivers; I was moved by the way Jon was presenting; and upon realising that he is a voice over artistes too…the trade I was learning at the time; I said to myself “I would present something like this too”
So began producing my own contemporary Gospel countdown podcast too which is now aired some fm and online radio networks worldwide.

TAKU: Apart from your weekly countdown show, what else engages you?
KWAME: I teach English in a community senior High School in Abesim, near Sunyani, the capital of brong Ahafo Region, – Ghana. I also manage my audio branding company Creative Voices Multimedia. As well as searching talents for toy- project. (A child empowerment foundation)

TAKU: What is your ultimate dream?
KWAME: My ultimate dream is to explore, discover and share with others.

TAKU: In three words what’s life about to you?
KWAME: Love, hope, share.
TAKU: Thanks for your time.
KWAME: You’re welcome, …….hey don’t forget to share it.
TAKU: So long as you are ready to share it too …



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Nationality: Ghanaian

Born: Evans Kwame Adu Kyeremeh

October 8th, 1988 (Nsuhia, Dormaa (Brong Ahafo Region)

Siblings: (4) Ataa, Kojo, MiliGee, Judith, Michael Jnr

Residence: Sunyani

Favorite Bible Quote: Psalm 25:1-2.

Favoite sports: Football, Ghana Black Stars, FCBarcelona

Hobbies: Smilling, Music, Quotes

Marital Status: Single

College: Univeristy of Ghana (BA Hons English Major)

Company : Top Radio Jingles

Voice over works: Top Dj Drops

Voice over Talent: VoiceoverGhana

Influencers: Kwame Nkrumah, Brian Tracy, Dj Disciple , Jon Rivers









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