Thanks for willing to support the minstry of Apostle Kwame Adu. We are in partnership with the Lord. Thanks for being part of this.

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Mrs. Elizabeth Paige

Special thanks for the support to Kwame’s ministry.

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Krista Porta

A great heart and supporting the course of Kwame’s ministry.          

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Brother Kelvin

Great heart, glad to have you support the course.

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About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your donation comes in to support Kwame’s ministry. By doing so, you are a partner of the great things going on here.

why a donation?

You are a shoulder that help Kwame in his ministry. Funds are are needed to keep running and making resoureces available.

what amount can i donate?

As you are lead, any amount from you heart will be a great blessing.

where can i donate?

Scroll on top of the page, under “GIVING” enter amount and proceed.

how can i be sure funds reach kwame?

All the payment would perdonally to Kwame’s banking wallet, be it paypal, mobile money or using a western union.

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